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FAS Playing Nasty jokes by Babyfishy FAS Playing Nasty jokes by Babyfishy
Official Name: Playing Nasty Jokes
Stable Name: Jokes
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5
Breed: Rangi Horror
Color: Black, white and blue.
Height: 17.3 HH
Designer: *Serpiente95

:bulletblack: Personality :bulletblack:
Jokes is a very active and brisk horse. He isnít afraid very quick, but he likes to spook out of nothing.
Heís a good runner, but also an amazing jumper. He trusts nobody accept Naomie Nerlyne. He will jump everything she puts in front of him. If she says ĎJumpí, heíll jump, no matter whatís there. He likes to run and buck around and during trainings he doesnít listen to Naomie, but when heís on Competion track, heís the most confident and nice horse you can find. If he find out that youíre afraid of him, heíll play very nasty jokes to let you suffer, like he did at his previous owner. Heís not the most loving horse, because he keeps telling that you canít love humans. He believes that a humans are bad, and will betray you when you start to care about them.

:bulletblack: Offspring :bulletblack:
-none yet-

:bulletblack: Pedigree :bulletblack:
:bulletblue: starter x :bulletpink: starter
:bulletblue::bulletblue: starter x :bulletpink::bulletblue: starter
:bulletblue::bulletpink: starter x :bulletpink::bulletpink: starter

:bulletblack: Shows :bulletblack:
show picture || Rider || Show Name || Place ended.
|| Naomie Nerlyne || Dressuur Abrevet || unknown
|| Naomie Nerlyne || RF Horsedays || 1st.

:bulletblack: Kaaring :bulletblack:
How did I get this horse
Designed it myself + 0p

Parents unknown + 0p

Reffsheet + 4p
Arrival RF horse Days + 6,5p
Prize RF Horse Days + 1,5p
Gift from xDanielleeee + 4,5p

Dressage A brevet (not released yet) + 7,5p
RF horsedays Night Jumping (1st place) + 9,5p

Total = 33,5p


:bulletblack: Credit :bulletblack:
All by *Serpiente95
For starters, although I like bright colours, these simply seem unnatural. For example; plants are rarely 'just green' wich goes for the trees as well; the bark of a tree isn't just brown; look closely and you will discover a rich variety of different shades and colours. I miss those in the background of your drawing.
Also, it looks like you mostly used brushes for the background, wich makes it seem a slight bit cheap in my opinion.
I also think that the image lacks motion. I see a running horse, but to me, it is not moving; the image seems flat and by that I don't mean lack of shadows, but it's not dynamic.
Then the mane and tail; to me, there is no unity in it and the colours don't really mix. I understand that the idea was to create three seperate colours, but I think a bit of unity won't hurt I think.
Technique. The shading looks sketchy to me; it could just be your style, but especially near the hind leg and the horse's ribcase, the shading has something scratchy and personally I don't find that pleasing to look at.
I also don't see a shadow anywhere near the horse wich causes it to seem like it is not part of the picture as a whole.

I think you understand the horse's anatomy well and I certainly don't think this is a bad drawing, but all in all I just think there's a lot you can still work on.
I'd recommend practising a lot through observation; go into any forest and try to catch the actual colors of something. It's easy to label a plant green, but when you look closer, there usually is much more to it.
Practising in making things more dynamic might also be a good idea; figure out what makes a drawing come to live and find a way to integrate that in your own artwork.

A last thing I wanted to say; think of what you want to express. Your background doesn't give much information, while it is a great medium for telling your watchers more about the subject of the painting. This doesn't mean that it immediately has to be all dark and stuff, but a forest is typically the kind of background that can be displayed in countless ways.
For examply; if you make the trees tall and menacing, this will indicate that the horse might feel threatened, while a broad road and a bit of frog perspective will probably tell us the opposite thing. Right know you seem mostly focussed on the subject of your drawing, wich causes you to leave other aspects a bit under-used.

I hope you find this critique to be useful; I am not trying to fuck up your confidence or anything like that, I am merely being honest about what I see and what I think can be done better in a future artwork.
Good luck ^_^
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Berbertje Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Leuk hoor, met die figuurtjes ^^
En donkerblauw, he? (A)
Babyfishy Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha jupjup :D
En hij heeft al mee gedaan aan zijn eerste Wedstrijd :D
Alleen uitslag nog ff afwachten, (heb wel leuk verhaaltje xD)
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October 8, 2012
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